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Happy 204th Birthday Izannah Walker ~ The Family Birthday Party

Did you know that dolls are ever so much happier when they have a kind and loving child to play with? That is especially true for our heroines, the little painted cloth sisters, who live in the very tall wooden house.

One of their most favorite things in the whole world is when their current child, the granddaughter of the dollmaker who they live with, comes to play. Out of all of the play days in the entire year, the Family Birthday Party is the most special, and the one they look forward to with great anticipation every September.

Due to “school days” their own dear little girl can not always attend the birthday party that the sisters give every year in honor of their “mother”. The cloth sisters know all about school, as tucked away in their very long memories are days filled with playing “school” with all the other children that have been important parts of their lives. Their young friends have often pretended to be the “teacher” and the doll sisters have made believe that they are the “pupils”.  At other times one of the sisters has been chosen to be the “teacher”, which unfortunately has led to some hurt feelings among the others. However we will not dwell on that in our present story, for it is a happy one that each and every sister loves…

The doll sisters are not quite clear on exactly why their child must go to school on certain days, for in their world one day flows into the next like a sweet lovely daydream, and if you do not do something today, surely it can wait until tomorrow. For there is always a tomorrow in their lives because little cloth girls never have to grow up. Growing up is something else that they don’t quite understand, though it does sound quite awful, and Izzybelle is convinced that it must hurt dreadfully!

But enough of such serious thoughts! Today is the Family Birthday Party, when their own dear girl will come to call. She will help the sisters decorate their very tall wooden house and fill it with flowers and paper dolls! She will undoubtedly bring them all a wonderful present to share, and she will help them blow out the candles on the Birthday Cake at their tea party! It will be almost as good as Christmas Day itself!

The dolls and their girl did indeed have a wonderful party, where there were a great deal of flowers, paper dolls hung up on bright red string, sweet treats galore, stories read, and yes ~ a special present for them all to play with! A Hitty doll and her book!!! All the little girls, both cloth and real, are looking forward to playing with their present. ❤

“This is you” she said, pointing to Charlcie, “and this is me.” as she indicated tiny Izzybelle…

As you may suspect, all of the little Izannahs and I are excessively fond of bedtime stories! They positively insist on at least one story every night before they will quiet down and go to sleep. You are invited to come join us for a selection of nightly bedtime stories in celebration of Izannah Walker’s 204th birthday! Our celebration will begin Saturday, September 25th, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, and it will continue at 8:00 p.m. every evening through the end of the month, culminating in the unveiling and sale of my latest reproduction Izannah Walker dolls on Thursday, September 30th. You especially WILL NOT WANT TO MISS WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY NIGHTS STORIES! We do so hope you will be able to join us each evening for a story that is sure to bring you sweet dreams! 

2 thoughts on “Happy 204th Birthday Izannah Walker ~ The Family Birthday Party

  1. What a delight Paula ! Your grand daughter is adorable and growing up so, since a previous picture.
    Thank you for the sweet little world you have created for her and also have invited us to share.
    Enjoying the Birthday party.

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