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Happy 204th Birthday Izannah Walker ~ Tonight’s Bedtime Stories ~ Buzz Goes Fishing & The House That Jack Built A Diverting Story for Children

Buzz Goes Fishing

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

Special Announcement! There are only two days left during my annual celebration of Izannah Walker’s birthday and you do not want to miss either of these exciting events!!! Please join us here on at 8:00 PM Eastern time tomorrow Wednesday, September 29th, 2021 for an extremely wonderful evening that all of you who love Izannah Walker’s dolls need to see ❤ I will be sharing information about two antique Izannah Walker dolls that are going to be for sale. (No, they aren’t mine and I will not be releasing the information before tomorrow nights post. Their photographs and descriptions are still a work in progress. ) On Thursday evening at 8 PM Eastern time I will introduce you all to my latest reproduction Izannah Walker dolls and offer them for sale.

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