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Happy 204th Birthday Izannah Walker ~ Eliza and Lucy’s Story

Lucy & Eliza
Eliza and Lucy have always been among the more adventurous ones of Izannah’s cloth daughters.

This evening’s bedtime tale is the story of Eliza and Lucy, who are two more of our heroines’ dearly beloved sisters, though they don’t live here in the very tall house.  Eliza and Lucy are a bit more adventuresome. They love to travel, see new things and make new friends, while our own dear little cloth girls are homebodies, who want nothing more than to be cozy and comfortable in their old familiar very tall house, with it’s kitchen on the bottom, it’s very gaily painted parlor, it’s warm and cozy pink bedroom, and it’s pointy little attic way, way up on the very tip top!

All good bedtime stories usually begin with “Once upon a time”, but I fear that we cannot start our story tonight in just that way, for this tale is quite new and is happening right now! All eleven of our cast of characters tonight are devoted penpals, for they are quite understandably a bit old fashioned and much prefer to communicate with each other by post. Many loving letters have been winging their way back and forth between the very tall house and sweet Eliza’s and Lucy‘s current home in a lovely cottage, where they live with Daisy and Violet, two very handsome cats, and have many loving children who come to play with them. As much as Eliza and Lucy love their cottage and the family they call their own, they are beginning to feel that familiar longing for an adventure! For some of us are simply born with the need to travel and explore new places. 

The sisters here in the very tall house completely understand Eliza’s and Lucy’s longing to find a new family to live with, so that they can begin a new chapter in their long tale of days, with new sights to see and new friends to make and love. It is something that all of their many sisters and brothers have always done and is a tradition in their family of painted cloth children. So Zanna, Isabeau, Ismay, Izzybelle, Hannah, Eliza Jane, Tilly J. Lamb, Charlcie, and Sarah Alice have promised to help their sisters find the perfect new home!

As we have already related, the cloth sisters are quite steadfast penpals, they have a great many friends with whom they correspond so they have promised to write to each and every one, asking if they are in need of a somewhat elderly, but still quite lovely and adventurous antique little painted cloth doll lovingly created many, many years ago by their mother Izannah Walker herself….


Zanna, Isabeau, Ismay, Izzybelle, Hannah, Eliza Jane, Tilly J. Lamb, Charlcie, and Sarah Alice are very much hoping that once Eliza and Lucy have found their new homes and families, that they will still continue to write many letters back here to the very tall house, and come to visit from time to time.


If you have room in your heart and home for one of Izannah Walker’s original antique dolls, my family of Izzys and I would be very happy to put you in touch with the current caretakers of Eliza and Lucy. Please email me at with your name and complete contact information (Name, Email Address and Phone Number). I will pass your information on to the owner of the dolls who will send you detailed information about them. Their current owner is a very dear friend of mine and of my doll family, who we have known and loved for a great many years. While I personally cannot give you any information about purchasing the dolls, I would be happy to answer any general questions you might have about the dolls though of course their current family would be the best source for most information.

Should you be wondering about the cost of Lucy coming here to visit for a spa day, my rough estimate of the cost to remove her current over painting, uncover what remains of her original painted finish, and do minimal, very sympathetic in-painting as necessary is $1000 – $1800.

Tomorrow is the final night of our birthday celebration. Please join me here on at

8 PM Eastern time when I will be posting my latest reproduction Izannah Walker dolls for sale!

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