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Autumn 2012 Prims and October 2012 Early American Life

I’d like to say “thank you” to both Prims and Early American Life.  My spun cotton figures of Thumbelina and Horrible Mother Toad are pictured on page 106 of the Autumn issue of Prims magazine, on sale September 1st.  Not only am I honored to have my work pictured but I’m thrilled to pieces that Martha Bishop, one of my Izannah Walker doll making students, has her Jack and Jill featured in the same article.

Early American Life Calendar Listing

Early American Life was kind enough to list my Izannah Walker Doll Making Retreat in their October 2012 issue.  If you are here at my blog because you saw the classes shown in EAL, click here to read all about the retreat.

Prims Ad

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Charlotte’s Doll Part Two and Coming Attractions

Charlotte’s doll has put on her socks and shoes, packed her bags, and is ready to travel.  Because she’ll have a lengthy journey, with a stop in customs, I’ve made a short video for Charlotte to watch while she waits.

If you love Izannahs too, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the show!  Be sure to watch for the “coming attractions” feature at the end to see the two other dolls that I’m working on, one of them inspired by a doll that recently sold a the Sandwich Auction House on April 21, 2012 & the doll shown at Steamboat Arabia: A Historian’s Blog, and for more information on my 2012 Izannah Walker Doll Making Retreat.

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Lovely Letters and Heartfelt Correspondence

In these final few hours of 2011 I would like to take a moment to thank you all for making this a wonderful year.  I am extremely fortunate to be able to spend my days recreating dolls, clothing, and other treasured flights of fancy from the past.  I sincerely appreciate all of you who have provided such unstinting encouragement and kind words.  Your notes and phone calls have meant more to me than I can say…

I’d like to share a few excerpts from the correspondence that I have received this year which has touched my heart.

From C.  “I am so thrilled to have found your website and to be able to realize a dream I have had for many years!  I really appreciate all the time and care you take in just making sure someone feels comfortable in the ordering and purchasing process!  Thank you so much!!”  C. – I have loved discussing fabrics and dress styles with you… we are kindred spirits.  Working on your doll will be a joy!

“Hi! Paula! The class workbook arrived about two weeks ago and to say that I was impressed and excited would be to put it mildly… I just can’t believe that I found you and am going to be making my very own Izannah doll. ” D.  D. –  your enthusiasm, energy and goodwill shine in every note you’ve sent.

“Hello, And thank you sooo much! she is beautiful!!!   O my!!!  I’m going to go “play dollz” she is the best! and so are you! I need to name her,…hummm….I’ll let ya know, B.”  B. –  I simply loved planning this doll with you, playing with all the fabric you sent and getting a chance to chat on the phone.  I hope you’ve managed to avoid any more root canals!!

“I really appreciate your blog, it’s very elegant and well done, so thank you as one fellow collector to another. B.B.”  B.B. You are a delightful and fascinating correspondent!  Thank you.

S. even managed to make me blush with 73 characters of eBay feedback… “Stunning doll! Fast delivery! Amazing quality doll from talented artist!”S. – I’m so happy you have this doll and I hope that you enjoy your Christmas present!  Your husband couldn’t have been nicer when he called to order your class.  I’m very pleased to have you as a new student.  Making your own Izannah will be a great adventure.

From P. “Oh Paula, I love your Izannah on Ebay right now. She is fantastic. Everything little thing about her I am in love with. Do you have some of the fabric from her dresses left over? I’d love to buy one just like her after Christmas. She is worth every penny of her buy it now. Everyone should go check her out.”  P. – Your warmth and encouragement are something I appreciate so much.  Writing back and forth and having you in my class is wonderful.  I would be thrilled to make a doll just for you.

Thank you Paula for being so generous… I feel that I have gotten the most for my money in being able to make as close to a real IW as is probably possible with your class…  If anybody will take my advice, I will steer them your way because I believe they will be better off with you. Thanks M.  M- you have been a delight to teach!  Your thirst for knowledge and dedication to perfecting your dolls is awe-inspiring.  I’m very proud to have been able to point you in the right direction.

“I can only say that even though I have been sculpting and making dolls, I didn’t have the information about Izannah Walker doll design that your class has offered, as well as your other sewing information, and ongoing online assistance with the challenging areas of sculpting and mold making too.  It’s a lesson as well as the real up close information, like patterns, body design and history. Those of us who never saw a real Izannah doll can get a closer look from this class. Much enjoyed! Thank you Paula.” From M.  M. – I so appreciate your support and evident enjoyment of my class.  You are an amazing doll artist and your work is outstanding.  I love “talking” with you.  Are you making any headway in tuning in on your grandmother’s hand made buttonhole skills?

To L. (known as M. to her friends), your phone calls are pure delight.  I’m so happy to have been able to provide you with one of the dolls that you have always wanted.  For a woman in her 9th decade you are one of the youngest people at heart that I know!  It makes me happy to know that one of my dolls is sitting in the antique chair that you’ve had waiting for her for all these years.

There are so many more people that I haven’t mentioned, who have also sent lovely notes my way.  Thank you, I treasure them all.  You have helped to make my life richer and allowed me to live out my dreams.

May the upcoming New Year be the time when all of your dreams come true!


Celebrations · Izannah Reproduction Doll Class · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Doll Making Retreat September 9-12, 2011

The 2012 retreat is September 28th – October 3.  Click here to read all the details.


***Are you interested in attending an Izannah Walker Doll Making Retreat in 2012???  If so please follow this link to my “planning” post and leave a comment to let me know the time of year/dates that work best for you.

I haven’t tried to schedule many in person classes in the past couple of years because I know that traveling to a doll making class would be quite a splurge in this economy.   However, since I’m doing a number of  special events to celebrate my 25th anniversary, I thought that I would see if anyone is interested in coming here, to New Milford, CT, for a long weekend of doll making in September.

An Overview of the Retreat

Reproduction Dressmaking for your Izannah Walker Dolls

On Friday, September 9th, I will be teaching an intensive one-day class focusing on the fine details of making reproduction mid 19th century doll clothing suitable for Izannah Walker dolls.  We’ll start with my Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll Clothes Pattern for an 18- 1/2 Inch Doll and move on from there to explore some of the  intricate and exquisite techniques that make 19th century dress making so beautiful.  Attendees will need to purchase one of my doll clothing patterns and do some prep work prior to 9/9, so that we can make the most of our class time.   Tuition is $115 for the day, plus $29 for the pattern (the pattern comes with the doll making class instructions, so if you are taking both classes, you do not need to buy the pattern for the Friday session) .

Making Izannah Molds, Pressed Cloth Heads and Bodies

A three-day condensed version of my Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll Class starts on Saturday morning, September 10th.  Just like in the clothing class, students will need to order my doll class and do some homework ahead of time.  Once you get to class we will be making two types of molds, forming pressed cloth heads, and constructing the doll’s body. This is a wonderful class for anyone interested in antique cloth dolls and for those who would like to learn to incorporate pressed cloth heads into their own doll designs.  Tuition is $285 for 15 hours of class room time, plus $250 for the doll class.

You may take just one class or sign up for both.  Both classes are intended for fairly experienced doll makers.  To get the most out of them you need to already know how to sculpt, paint and sew.  I need to have a minimum of 3 students registered (per class) by August 15th in order to hold the retreat.

If you already have one of my Izannah doll clothes patterns, or are currently a class member in my Class by Mail group, then obviously you would just need to pay the classroom tuition when you register for the retreat.

General Information About Both Classes

Classes will be held at my 18th century farm (sorry, no farm animals except cats).  We will be working out of my studio  building and a tent*, so that you can enjoy a bit of autumn splendor,if the weather cooperates.

Students will get a tour of my antique doll collection which  features cloth dolls including Izannah Walker originals, and early papier-mache milliner’s models (plus more), as well as my c.1790 house.

Classes run from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. each day, with the exception of Sunday, September 11th.  On Sunday class will start at 1:00 p.m., so you will have a chance to go to church, sleep in, have a leisurely brunch, or go shopping at The Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market, one of the best flea markets in New England.

On Friday, Saturday and Monday I will whip up something simple for lunch, using fresh produce from my gardens, or you may choose to bring a lunch with you.  Tea and coffee will be available all day, because I work best with constant infusions of caffeine :).

You will need to bring supplies along with you, as they are not included in the classes.  A supply list will be sent out well in advance of September.  The exception to this is that I will  provide  all the plaster you need.   If you are flying in and weight is a consideration, you may make arrangements to have silicone mold putty sent here directly.  I have numerous sewing machines that you can use,  you are also welcome to bring your own portable machine.

Due to space limitations, class sizes are going to have to be kept fairly small.  Sign up early to avoid being disappointed.  If I do have to cancel, due to lack of registrations by 8/15, I will refund your tuition.  Otherwise tuition is non-refundable.  What is the reason for this policy? Once you book space in the class, it will potentially keep other people from being able to sign up and also will effect whether or not the class will meet the minimum number of required students. People need to be able to make their travel plans in advance, so if you register and then cancel it creates huge problems.

If you are purchasing the pattern or the doll class by mail and are sure you will still want them, even if the retreat has to be canceled, I will send them to you as soon as you register.  Otherwise, I will mail them to you just as soon as I have three confirmed students.

There are several hotels and inns located in New Milford.  The Homestead Inn is the closest to me, and is within walking distance of the town green.  Restaurants are plentiful on the green and in the historic downtown area, although it helps if you like Italian food 🙂 .  If you don’t mind a short drive, Kent, CT, just north of New Milford on Route 7, has some nice places to stay.  Last year Yankee magazine named Kent as one of it’s Top 25 Foliage Towns.

* I regret that the classes are not handicap accessible, because of the terrain and antique buildings.

Other Fun Events and Excursions In This Area

The Brimfield Antique and Collectibles fall shows are September 6 – 11th, so you could easily attend the shows, which are about 2 – 1/2 hours north of here, before heading to New Milford for the retreat.  If you love antiques, another great show in this area is the Harwinton Antiques and Design Weekend on September 3 & 4 (formerly held in Farmington, CT).  The Stormville Antique and Flea Market is also being held the same weekend, 9/3-4.

If you are in the mood for more rustic pursuits, a Farmer’s Market is held on the New Milford green every Saturday from 9:00 – 12:00.  I can also recommend the Averill Farm in Washington, CT for pick your own apples, or Maple Bank Farm in Roxbury, CT. for apples and other great produce.  There are some delicious, fun places to stop for lunch along the way to either Averill’s or Maple Bank Farm, just ask and I’ll provide details. A picnic at Kent Falls, is another delightful way to spend a fall afternoon.  Two scenic covered bridges are just a short drive away and are well worth a visit.  If you go to the bridge in West Cornwall be sure to stop in for a meal at The Wandering Moose Cafe.

Do you like life in the fast lane?  Visit Lime Rock Race Track  for their 29th Historic Festival and watch a century of cars in 10 categories compete in sprint races September 2-5.  Or visit the big city, New York City (2 hours) and Boston (2 – 3/4 hours) are both within easy driving distance.

Need more?  I can make enough suggestions to keep you busy sight seeing for at least another week!  Ask me.

How To Register

Simply call me at 860-355-5709 or email me, paula@asweetremembrance.com, to sign-up or to ask questions.  Payment is due when you register.  You may send me a check, money order, or Paypal payment (special instructions apply to Paypal , so that I can refund the entire amount to you in the event of cancellation,  without having to deduct Paypal fees).