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Lovely Letters and Heartfelt Correspondence

In these final few hours of 2011 I would like to take a moment to thank you all for making this a wonderful year.  I am extremely fortunate to be able to spend my days recreating dolls, clothing, and other treasured flights of fancy from the past.  I sincerely appreciate all of you who have provided such unstinting encouragement and kind words.  Your notes and phone calls have meant more to me than I can say…

I’d like to share a few excerpts from the correspondence that I have received this year which has touched my heart.

From C.  “I am so thrilled to have found your website and to be able to realize a dream I have had for many years!  I really appreciate all the time and care you take in just making sure someone feels comfortable in the ordering and purchasing process!  Thank you so much!!”  C. – I have loved discussing fabrics and dress styles with you… we are kindred spirits.  Working on your doll will be a joy!

“Hi! Paula! The class workbook arrived about two weeks ago and to say that I was impressed and excited would be to put it mildly… I just can’t believe that I found you and am going to be making my very own Izannah doll. ” D.  D. –  your enthusiasm, energy and goodwill shine in every note you’ve sent.

“Hello, And thank you sooo much! she is beautiful!!!   O my!!!  I’m going to go “play dollz” she is the best! and so are you! I need to name her,…hummm….I’ll let ya know, B.”  B. –  I simply loved planning this doll with you, playing with all the fabric you sent and getting a chance to chat on the phone.  I hope you’ve managed to avoid any more root canals!!

“I really appreciate your blog, it’s very elegant and well done, so thank you as one fellow collector to another. B.B.”  B.B. You are a delightful and fascinating correspondent!  Thank you.

S. even managed to make me blush with 73 characters of eBay feedback… “Stunning doll! Fast delivery! Amazing quality doll from talented artist!”S. – I’m so happy you have this doll and I hope that you enjoy your Christmas present!  Your husband couldn’t have been nicer when he called to order your class.  I’m very pleased to have you as a new student.  Making your own Izannah will be a great adventure.

From P. “Oh Paula, I love your Izannah on Ebay right now. She is fantastic. Everything little thing about her I am in love with. Do you have some of the fabric from her dresses left over? I’d love to buy one just like her after Christmas. She is worth every penny of her buy it now. Everyone should go check her out.”  P. – Your warmth and encouragement are something I appreciate so much.  Writing back and forth and having you in my class is wonderful.  I would be thrilled to make a doll just for you.

Thank you Paula for being so generous… I feel that I have gotten the most for my money in being able to make as close to a real IW as is probably possible with your class…  If anybody will take my advice, I will steer them your way because I believe they will be better off with you. Thanks M.  M- you have been a delight to teach!  Your thirst for knowledge and dedication to perfecting your dolls is awe-inspiring.  I’m very proud to have been able to point you in the right direction.

“I can only say that even though I have been sculpting and making dolls, I didn’t have the information about Izannah Walker doll design that your class has offered, as well as your other sewing information, and ongoing online assistance with the challenging areas of sculpting and mold making too.  It’s a lesson as well as the real up close information, like patterns, body design and history. Those of us who never saw a real Izannah doll can get a closer look from this class. Much enjoyed! Thank you Paula.” From M.  M. – I so appreciate your support and evident enjoyment of my class.  You are an amazing doll artist and your work is outstanding.  I love “talking” with you.  Are you making any headway in tuning in on your grandmother’s hand made buttonhole skills?

To L. (known as M. to her friends), your phone calls are pure delight.  I’m so happy to have been able to provide you with one of the dolls that you have always wanted.  For a woman in her 9th decade you are one of the youngest people at heart that I know!  It makes me happy to know that one of my dolls is sitting in the antique chair that you’ve had waiting for her for all these years.

There are so many more people that I haven’t mentioned, who have also sent lovely notes my way.  Thank you, I treasure them all.  You have helped to make my life richer and allowed me to live out my dreams.

May the upcoming New Year be the time when all of your dreams come true!


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