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Charlotte’s Doll Part Two and Coming Attractions

Charlotte’s doll has put on her socks and shoes, packed her bags, and is ready to travel.  Because she’ll have a lengthy journey, with a stop in customs, I’ve made a short video for Charlotte to watch while she waits.

If you love Izannahs too, grab a cup of tea and enjoy the show!  Be sure to watch for the “coming attractions” feature at the end to see the two other dolls that I’m working on, one of them inspired by a doll that recently sold a the Sandwich Auction House on April 21, 2012 & the doll shown at Steamboat Arabia: A Historian’s Blog, and for more information on my 2012 Izannah Walker Doll Making Retreat.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte’s Doll Part Two and Coming Attractions

  1. Paula,
    I cannot thank you enough for my beautiful Izannah Walker reproduction doll or express what my heart is feeling every time I gaze at Abby (Liberty Abigail May).
    Is it already 2 months ago that she arrived? Every time I look at her I think she just arrived… I can’t believe she is mine! I love everything about her and I couldn’t be more happy!!!
    The artistry you infused into this little piece of cloth is amazing! I know that a lot more than just paint and cotton silk etc. went into her! Apiece of your heart went into her… She is a work of art and a true representation of what an artist made Izannah can be! She is inspiring to look at and wonderful to hold! The attention to detail in every respect of her construction is fantastic and everything I asked and hoped for and more. I appreciated your honesty and integrity in all aspects of the doll making process and the care that went into her. I can’t thank you enough! I will treasure her always!
    Warmest regards, Charlotte

  2. Charlotte,
    It was my very great pleasure to make her for you. I enjoyed every moment! I am very pleased with the way she turned out, plus sooooooooo relieved that she met your expectations 🙂 It is wonderful to know that she has such a good home and that she makes you happy. I think that is the ultimate that any doll maker can aspire to, that their work makes people happy.

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