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My Latest Doll Up For Auction on eBay – SOLD

This doll is SOLD.  Thanks so much for looking.

I’ve just listed this doll on eBay.  She turned out so well!  I finished her clothes this afternoon, and immediately decided that she is one of my favorites.  I hope you agree.  Click on any of the small photos to enlarge them.

I love this 175 year old paisley dress fabric. It's a golden brown and Prussian blue print from the 1830's.
Her linen chemise has a hand gathered antique lace frill around the neck, which can peek above the neckline of her dress, or be modestly tucked underneath.
Her painted boots have scalloped tops that are trimmed in Prussian blue.
I've left her pantalettes long, so that their tatted lace trim shows, but if you prefer, I would be happy to add tucks to the hemline so that more of her boots will be visible.
I adore all of the different mourning prints in this two piece outfit. All of the fabrics work so well together .
Add a hat and a photo of some of her witchy sisters and she is all ready for Halloween!

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