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Happy All Hallows Eve

Happy Halloween
Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween!

“The Only Ghost I Ever Saw” by Emily Dickinson

His conversation – seldom –

His laughter, like the Breeze –

That dies away in Dimples


Among the pensive trees –

The bags are filled with treats and sweets, for when little spooks and spirits come tapping on the door…
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Happy Halloween!

Josephine wishes you a very Happy Halloween!

A wonderful treat!
What could be a better Halloween treat than a new book made just for me? What a thoughtful gift! ❤  ~Thank you~
Josephine and Ismay are all ready to carve their Halloween pumpkins.
Isabeau joins in the carving fun!


A Little Magic for Halloween

Susie's Tiny Witch!
Happy Haunting!!!

One of the things I like best about being a professional doll maker for 31 years is all the friends I have made along the way ❤ ❤ ❤

As a Halloween treat, one of my very sweet friends sent me this photo of the doll that caused us to meet and become friends! Now I am sharing my treat with you. I still love this doll that I made six years ago. She has always been one of my very favorites and I am so happy that she and her large family of sisters live in the home of a friend!

Wishing you a very Happy Halloween!!!

For a magical look back in time, click on theses links to see my original posts about this doll:


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Halloween Party Part 3

I wasn’t really planning on splitting the Halloween Party into 3 posts, but WordPress is being a little bit cranky and overexcited tonight…  So here is the third installment of our party!!!

Halloween Dresses

These dresses will all fit most of my 18 inch reproduction Izannah Walker dolls.  If you are interested in buying any of the dresses, especially dress #3, you should measure the waist and top of the shoulder measurement of your doll.

SOLD Dress #1 – Sort straight sleeves, made from an antique black floral mourning print cotton.  Drawstring closures at the neckline and waist. $200.00 includes free priority mail shipping to any US address.


Dress #2 Is the same as dress #1, except it has short gathered and frilled sleeves.  $200.00 plus free priority mail shipping within the US.


SOLD Dress #3 is more fitted than the other 3 dresses.  Made of orange “cheddar” print antique fabric with black vining “branches” and red “berries”, trimmed with black velvet ribbon. This dress will close with three orange painted milk glass buttons and button holes.  I have not made the button holes or sewn on the buttons yet, so that I can slightly adjust the fit of the dress if necessary. $250.00 with free US priority shipping.



SOLD Dress #4 is probably my favorite!  It is a true “make-do” dress, pieced together from two different antique “cheddar” orange fabrics with a false hem of a third coordinating antique fabric.  One drawstring around the neckline and three drawstrings at the waistband, gives this dress an adjustable fit.  You will find this method used in late 18th and early 19th century infant and young children’s clothing.  It’s immensely practical!  $240.00 with free priority US shipping.


Treat Bags and Box

I have one set of four cotton mesh treat bags in a decorative Halloween box. $28.50 with free Priority Mail shipping within the US.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the dresses or the set of treat bags, email me at  Paypal, or credit cards  and orders by Monday to ensure delivery before Halloween.  Checks and money orders if you don’t mind waiting for delivery…


Don’t be frightened, that isn’t a zombie graveyard full of body parts…  it is just “work in progress” dolls ❤



The dolls have worked up quite an appetite showing you around my painting studio, crafting crepe paper costumes, sending Halloween greetings and modeling the latest in Halloween fashions!  Now it is time for refreshments. 🙂  Hot, buttery popcorn, sweet crunchy caramel corn, tart, crisp apples and hot spiced cider!!! Yum….

And now it’s time to say good night!  We are so happy you could come celebrate Halloween with us 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the doll’s Halloween Party!!! I love Halloween and all of the seasonal delights of autumn. Can you tell? Gathered in antique wire egg baskets are some of the pumpkins from my garden and Osage Oranges from my Bodark trees.

* To enlarge any of the smaller photos, simply click on them, which will also show captions.

** I’m sorry for the slow posting tonight and for breaking the party into 3 parts.  WordPress was being very difficult, so it was a bit challenging to get the Halloween party online.

Halloween Party part 1

Halloween Part part 2


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Halloween Party – Part 2

Everyone is here!  It’s time to get the party started…

Making Costumes

Isabeau has decided that she should help all of the dolls and party guests make costumes.  She got out our collection of Dennison Boogie Books for ideas, along with the crepe paper, Dresden trims and lithographed scrapes…

That was fun! It’s time to put the craft supplies away.  We have so much more to do…

Halloween Greetings

The dolls all want to wish you a very Happy Halloween!

Ladies in White… are they ghostly visitors, tip-toeing among the tombstones? Or are they Count Dracula’s brides??? Eliza Jane, Memory and Ismay are having trouble deciding between themselves… but either way they want to wish you a hauntingly beautiful Halloween!

Zanna is usually the mildest most even tempered of dolls, but her devilish side is peeking out tonight as she sends warm Halloween Greetings your way!


Hanna wishes you all over flowing goodie bags and treats galore!


“BOO!” from Izzybelle to you!


Isabeau wishes you spooky, spine tickling chills and thrills this Halloween!

Haunted Halloween Fashions

I have a tiny stash of hoarded antique orange “cheddar” and black mourning fabrics just perfect for celebrating Halloween, but not so “costumey” that they can’t be worn year around.  I’ve fashioned some of my favorites into dresses to fit my 18 inch dolls.  I have four dresses available for sale, just in time for Halloween!

*Halloween Party – part 1

**Halloween Party – part 3




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Welcome The Doll’s Halloween Party!

Welcome!  We are so glad you could come!!! Come in and let us show you around. 🙂

Welcome! As with everything else in my life, my new painting studio is a work in progress. Hopefully next year there will be a colonial flower garden in front of the studio.

Make yourself at home.  Feel free to look around!  The dolls have been busy decorating all day. 🙂

Isabeau, Eliza Jane, Ismay and Memory are in the kitchen finishing up all the last minute party preparations…

Little Izzybelle is watching out of the window to see who is coming next!


Here, let me take your coat.  The party will start in just a few minutes. 🙂

*Hallowen Party – part 1

**Halloween Party – part 3


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Spooky Fun Tonight!

Please come join us at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time for the doll’s Halloween Party!


We hope you can join us tonight for a bit of Halloween fun & whimsy! 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time – don’t be late!

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Boo!!! You Are Invited to Trick or Treat with Us on Saturday, October 22nd

Next Saturday evening, October 22nd, you may hear knocking… followed by small giggles coming from your pc, laptop, tablet or phone.  Don’t be scared!  It will just be all of my little Izzies coming to trick-or-treat. ❤ They would very much like it if you would join us here on for their Haunted Halloween Hour at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


One more event you may want to virtually attend is the Early American Folk Art & Trades Marketplace on facebook.

Early American Folk Art & Trades Marketplace on facebook October 15 & 16.
Oct 15 at 10 AM to Oct 16 at 4 PM Eastern Time
I will be selling one of my reproduction Izannah Walker dolls at the Marketplace. 🙂 Click this link to visit the Marketplace.
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Trick or Treat

"It's time to get ready for trick or treating!"  "What are you going to dress up as?"
“It’s time to get ready for trick or treating!” “What are you going to dress up as?”
"Sadie wants to go trick or treating too!"
“Sadie wants to go trick or treating too!”
"I'm going to be a cat, just like Sadie!"
“I’m going to be a cat, just like Sadie!”

Trick or Treat

"Emeline we are so happy you are going trick or treating with us!"
“Emeline we are so happy you are going trick or treating with us!”

Trick or Treat

"Poor Sadie! She's sad because she doesn't have a costume too !"
“Poor Sadie! She’s sad because she doesn’t have a costume too !”
"We'll share our treats with her!"  "Hurry and get dressed"
“We’ll share our treats with her!” “Hurry and get dressed”

The dolls and I hope you all have an enchanting All Hallows Eve ❤