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A New Birthday Dress

Carmel, California was one of the stops on our west coast vacation.  Naturally I couldn’t go to Carmel without a shopping trip at the Carmel Doll Shop.  I had a wonderful time browsing through the shop.

Michael and David were fantastic, even though they were away at a doll show, they arranged for one of their employees to come let me into the store.  Thank you Samantha, you made my shopping a treat.

My find of the day was a great button front brown print day dress/morning coat that is just the right size for my 18 inch Izannahs.  Every girl deserves a change of clothes :).  Take a peek at my first antique Izannah modeling her “new” birthday dress.

Ironically the show Michael and David were doing was in Bellevue, Washington.  We had been in Bellevue the day before and knew about the Doll Show, but I decided not to try to squeeze it in before we flew out to San Francisco.  If I had known they were there I would have managed a brief stop on the way to the airport 🙂

We rounded out our day in Carmel by having tea at the Tuck Box teashop and buying licorice at the Cottage of Sweets (they have more than 50 varieties).

Since this dress looks so perfect on my Izannah, I’m planning on making a pattern from it, which will hopefully be ready for sale sometime next year.

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