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The Gift of an Extra Day…

How are you spending the day?  I am making the most of this wondrous extra day to make dolls.  Well truly, it’s not that I don’t spend most days making dolls… but today I am trying to let doll making reign and allowing other less important things wait for tomorrow.

It’s the perfect day to sew and create.  There are snowflakes sprinkling down outside the windows and I am snug inside with the smell of woodsmoke and yeast dough in the air.

I’m in the midst of making dolls for Charlotte, Anne Marie and Paula (another Paula – not me).   Lovingly planned and long desired dolls for three very special women.  Quite an exciting project for a Leap Year’s Day!

I would greatly enjoy helping you plan a custom made doll.  If you would like to chat please call me at 860-355-5709 or email paula@asweetremembrance.com. There is no additional charge for custom orders, although you do need to make a deposit when you place the order.  After making a deposit you may either pay the balance when the doll is completed, or you may choose to make lay-away payments.

Still no electricity or heat in the studio, so I'm working in the house until better weather returns...

4 thoughts on “The Gift of an Extra Day…

    1. I have been in a bit of a head making frenzy 🙂 I made new molds and the heads from them have been turning out so nice that I just didn’t want to stop!!!

      I’m always very willing to offer lay-away on anything I sell. I know it’s been a great help to me at times when there is something special that I want to buy and I’m happy to make it available and pass on the favor to others 🙂


  1. Hi Paula, Wow! You have been a very busy lady!! It looks like you accomplished an impossible amount of tasks in one day!
    I too am so thrilled that you also gave me the choice of a generous layaway program – without it my dream of owning one of your dolls would not have been a possibility :)). I am getting so excited and to think one of these little heads could be mine. Which one could she be? My eyes are making my head dizzy with the impossible task of trying to figure out the answer ! lol Hugs,Charlotte

    1. Charlotte,

      One is most assuredly yours! I have a very particular one in mind. I am almost positive that she is the one at the very front of the middle bucket… unless her sister on the extreme far left, closest to the dried roses, puts up a fit and screams and kicks until she is the chosen one 🙂


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