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A Great Treat!

The Doll Collectors of America have a wonderful Izannah Walker slide show of their 2010 75th Annual Meeting online.  It is most glorious thing I’ve seen lately!  If you need to add a few moments of happiness to your day, go take a look 🙂  Click here or on the link above.

Several people have asked me about additional Izannah dress styles lately.  This slide show has some lovely dresses in it, which makes it a fantastic resource too.  If you have any questions about the possibility of ordering a dress similar in style to any dress you may have seen on an Izannah Walker doll, just ask.  I can make almost any dress that I can find the materials for 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Great Treat!

  1. Hi Paula, Just touring your site and came across “A Great Treat”. This is so great and educational too. Saw some lovely dolls, dresses and a great information on the parts of the Izannah Walker dolls.

    Suzanne B.

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