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In Celebration of Izannah Walker’s 200th Birthday I am Curating a Very Special Public Exhibit of Izannah Walker Dolls!

Another date to mark on your calendars!!! As many of you may know, I am co-chairman for the Jenny Lind Doll Club doll show. This year is the 30th year for the show, so we wanted to do something special at this year’s show. Being fellow Izannahphiles I know you won’t be surprised by what I came up with. 🙂

The Jenny Lind Doll Club is very pleased to announce that we will have a special educational exhibit of Izannah Walker dolls at our October 29th, 2017 show. This is an almost unprecedented gathering of so many of these rare dolls at a public event. There will be at least eleven Izannah Walker dolls on display that belong to current Jenny Lind members, along with photos and memorabilia of Izannah Walker dolls owned by past members, including legendary Izannah Walker collector Maureen Popp. At this time discussions are underway with friends of the Jenny Lind doll club about the possibility of additional dolls being loaned for the exhibit, so the total number of dolls on display may be slightly higher. There is no separate admission fee to view the educational exhibit. Entrance is included in the doll show admission of $7.00.

All exhibited Izannah Walker dolls are part of private collections, they are NOT being offered for sale. This is strictly an exhibit in celebration of both our Doll Show’s 30th anniversary and Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday.

*If you will be attending the show and own an Izannah Walker doll that you would like to add to the exhibit, please contact us at to make arrangements. ❤

To keep up to date on all the doll show news check the show website: and the show facebook page:

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A Very Snowy Day or What Little Dolls Do To Amuse Themselves When They Are Stuck Indoors…

How much snow?
“Isabeau can you tell how deep the snow is?”


snow day
“I think we should go sledding!”


snow day
“Or we could build a snowman!”


snow day
“No! We should stay inside where it is warm and read…”


snow day
“or work on our samplers…”


Isabeau, Ismay and Zanna were forced to agree, for the sad truth is that the dolls only have one coat to share between them all, which was kindly loaned to them by the bears…

mohair coat
Teddy Bear mohair coat…


the story of my dolls
…and so Isabeau sat down to read “The Story of My Dolls” aloud. “No one seems to know much about Tillie” she read…


the story of my dolls
“We do, we do!” cried all the dolls…


… later they bundled Izzybelle into the borrowed coat and let her go outside to scoop snow into their biggest bowl.  Then they made snow ice cream, which they ate to their hearts content.

snow ice cream
Snow Ice Cream ❤ To make a dish of your own follow this link for the recipe:

Thus ends the story of my dolls and their very snowy day… ❤


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Happy Boxing Day!

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the dolls are enjoying a quiet, peaceful day ❤

All is calm, all is bright… We hope you had a joyful Christmas celebration!  Best holiday wishes from our home to yours ❤

The dolls all hung their stockings from the mantle on Christmas Eve and Eliza Jane was thrilled to find that Santa left new boots in hers!


All the little wooden dolls have decided they need to make clothes for the new year, so they are making themselves at home amongst my sewing accoutrements…

  • To read the captions or enlarge images. simply click on any photograph.



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Happy 199th Birthday Izannah Walker – Part 4 – Blow Out the Candles!

“Hannah, you and Ismay made a wonderful cake! It’s beautiful!” “Just in time, I hear all of our friends arriving.” “Eliza Jane, you and Ismay can go on up to the parlor. I’ll take off my apron and bring the cake up.”
“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Izannah…”
“Make a wish!”

You may enlarge the photos and see the entire image by clicking on individual photographs in the montage.

The recipe for this year’s cake came from American Cake by Anne Byrn.
Ismay, Zola and Hannah made an Appalachian Apple Stack Cake, with moist buttermilk layers and spiced apple filling. The story, which I am very fond of, goes like this; each family invited to a wedding would bring one layer of cake, all of the layers were stacked together to form the wedding cake. I’ve also heard this cake called a prairie wedding cake and have seen reference to each family bringing a different flavored cake layer. ❤


At 7:00 p.m. I have a few new dolls who would like to make your acquaintance.  I hope you will be able to come back to meet them and then return one final time today at 10:00 p.m. Eastern time for our bedtime post. 🙂

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Antiques Week in New Hampshire

Lovely large c. 1840’s papier-mache doll that I brought home from New Hampshire. She has a child’s pocket tied around her waist and came with a late 18th century child’s chair with it’s original splint seat.

Last week I got to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for over 20 years!  We drove up to New Hampshire for Antiques Week and a visit to Strawbery Banke museum. I’m sure you aren’t surprised that I came back a few things for the dolls, including two new friends. 🙂


❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Restoration and Conservation

A Tale of Two Restorations Part 2 Emmaline

Here is a photograph of sweet Emmaline when she arrived on my door step. I instantly fell in love with her beautiful eyes!

and now my tale continues… Today it is time for Emmaline’s story.  It’s a rollicking adventure of coincidence, fate, and love!

In June, 2014 one of my doll club members told me that a friend of hers who lived in Wilton, CT was putting all of her dolls up for sale at the Withington August auction.  She then showed me a photo of a doll that her friend called a “Nantucket Doll”.  Imagine my surprise when the “Nantucket Doll” was actually an Izannah Walker doll!  The doll was dressed in a pink and white calico morning dress and had been repainted, but was clearly an Izannah Walker doll.  It just so happened that another Izannah Walker doll was up for sale in the same Withington auction.  I didn’t go to the auction, but several of the members of my doll club did.  When our club met in September, the one other Izannah collector in the club brought the doll she bought at Withington’s to show me.  No it wasn’t the “Nantucket Doll”, it was the second doll, a tiny 16 inch Izannah Walker.
16 inch Izannah Walker doll purchased at Withington’s Auction August, 2016


Sometime later I happened upon the “Nantucket Doll” on eBay.  The winner of the Withington auction had listed her for sale.  Fast forward to the Autumn of 2015.  A very good customer, and dear online penpal, contacted me.  She had purchased an Izannah Walker doll.  Would I take a look at photos of her and see if it was possible to do some restoration work on the doll?  Low and behold, there was the “Nantucket Doll” again, now stripped of much of her repaint by a restoration professional (at the behest of the eBay seller). The little Nantucket Doll had been named Emmaline by her new mom, Anita.  Anita had a wish list of restoration areas that she would like for Emmaline.  Were they possible?  Would the restoration be a good idea? She had conscientiously had the doll evaluated by fine art appraisers before writing to me. Together we worked out a minimalist plan for Emmaline that would help her look more like the truly beautiful doll she once was, but still show her age.

So after traveling far and wide during the intervening year, Emmaline once again returned to Connecticut.  This time her destination was my studio, a mere 31 miles from Wilton where she had made her home for many years!

The first thing I did after Emmaline arrived was to ohh and ahh over her, introduce her to all of my resident Izannah Walker dolls, and then thoroughly document her condition.

Emmaline was remarkably intact for a doll of her age.  Her only real issues were on her face.  Her body was sound, with a bit of reinforcement stitching on the toes of her painted boots and fairly well matched over painting on one arm.  Even her pale pink linen second skin was still in good shape!

The biggest challenge I faced with Emmaline, was getting all of the many skin toned paint colors on her face to blend into one another. During her lifetime her face was at least partially painted several times.  Much of the overpaint on her face had been removed. What was left was a combination of her original paint that had faded and at least two other colors of flesh-tone paint. Fortunately the original paint on her shoulders, chest and back was intact, with areas of slightly yellowed varnish.  The original non-faded paint on Emmaline’s shoulders told me what color her face should be, which was very important.  When I started painting Emmaline’s face, I was very careful not to paint over any of her original paint.  I did very sheer layers of paint over my reconstructed areas and the stubborn remaining overpainting.  Because her original paint was chalky looking due to sun fading and cleaning I fed it several times with a very small amount of cold pressed linseed oil. The linseed oil helped bring the old paint back to life and also made it blend better with my new in painting. As my last painting step I wore away a smidgen of my newly applied lip paint.  I wanted to make sure that nothing I did stood out or looked new.

Once I finished painting I moved on to dressmaking.  Emmaline came with many layers of underclothing, so all I needed to do was make her extra dresses to augment her wardrobe. Sewing for Emmaline was a joy!  It was a lot of fun to dress her up in her new clothes and see her in more fitted dresses.

After her new clothing was complete Emmaline was thrilled to be heading back home! Who wouldn’t be with such a loving and caring mom?  Clearly Emmaline was fated to find such a perfect new home. Anita was so thoughtful when it came to deciding what was right for Emmaline. There could not be a better care taker for this early example of Izannah Walker’s work.  Anita was also amazingly generous to me!  She kindly allowed me to tell you about Emmaline, share photographs of her and is letting me make reproductions of her, so that other people who love Izannah Walker’s dolls can add an example of this lovely early girl to their doll families and keep Izannah’s legacy alive. ❤ Thank you Anita!!!

Emmaline after restoration. She still looks like an adventuresome doll who loves to play, but now her years sit more lightly upon her shoulders. ❤


Good-bye Emmaline, we miss you little “Nantucket Doll”…

My Izannahs loved having Emmaline come stay with us! They have all declared each other to be best friends for life!!!

And they all lived happily ever after!


(*** Move  your cursor over the photos to read the captions, click on photos to enlarge.)