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A Special Doll for Susan


I’ve just finished working on this reproduction of Isabeau for Susan. She is an 18-1/2  inch tall reproduction Izannah Walker doll. For Susan’s  doll I reproduced the cracked and peeling paint surfaces on the original Isabeau that I made  her mold from. The paint and layers of paste on her nose have been worn away, down to the underlying stockinette, just like on the original.
IMG_0021This doll has an antique pink linen second skin, like many of Izannah Walker’s earliest dolls did. Her dress is made from a wonderful thin white cotton, which has aged to a pale ecru. It has a skirt with four narrow tucks and a gathered ruffle of broderie anglaise, gathered sleeves banded with additional eyelet trim, an antique cotton tape drawstring at the neck of the dress, which is embellished with eyelet and tatting, and a wide waistband with eyelet and embroidered cotton ribbon. Her chemise is made from antique lace trimmed cotton and her pantalettes were originally part of a pair of women’s 19th century panteletts. She has two petticoats made from antique cotton and broderie anglaise. Her stockings were made from bits of antique cotton stockings and her shoes are handmade red leather.





Arms over your head! Just one last clothing change. 🙂



The original c.1860’s Isabeau one the right and my newly made c.2016 reproduction Isabeau on the left.




This little Isabeau  is so looking forward to beginning her travels, as she is longing to make the acquaintance of her new family ❤

4 thoughts on “A Special Doll for Susan

  1. Exquisite as usual, Paula. It is interesting to see the preferences of your customers. Some like the doll to look aged, and others like the dolls to look new, just as they did when the lucky girl received it. I think that I prefer the new-looking dolls because I like to imagine the happy delight of that little girl long ago. Just love those little red shoes!

  2. Well, my little Dimity has a sister! They look just alike. I brought Dimity home from the bank display yesterday. I love doing displays but am always glad to bring my things home!


    1. Yes she does! I’m sure Dimity is happy to be back home with all of the rest of her doll friends. She’ll have lots of stories to tell them about the things she saw at the bank.

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