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A Letter from Hannah Grace

Hannah grace has written us a letter to say that she loves her new home and is making friends with all of the bears who live there too, especially Mr. Ginger. ❤

All of the girl’s were thrilled to receive a letter from Hannah Grace!  . She said that keeping busy helps when she is lonely for her friends and family in CT, so she has begun working on a few projects.

Hannah is trimming photos of her loved ones to fit in her locket. She is planning to go shopping for ribbon this weekend so she can wear the locket and keep the pictures close to her heart.  Hannah wants to share her quilt top with Mr. Ginger and plans to finish quilting it later this winter.She also has a small embroidery project she wants to work on and is in the process of choosing colors.

What a busy young lady!!!  Now all of the doll’s are clamoring about starting winter projects of their own…

Hannah Grace, Mr. Ginger and their quilt top.
Hannah Grace and photos for her locket ❤

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