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The Dream Continues…


More cloth dreams…  My winter issue of Doll News arrived today and low and behold there is another article in it about the UFDC special exhibit on American cloth dolls at the 2015 convention!  So while the winter winds blow and rattle all the old windows in my house, I plan to snuggle in my bed under a mound of hand pieced quilts and read more about all of these glorious cloth dolls and their makers.  Sweet cloth dreams are sure to follow…  Sleep tight!

4 thoughts on “The Dream Continues…

  1. I absolutely LOVED the cloth dolls at the convention. They were so beautiful. I’d love to own every single one of them! Billie

    1. Billie I thought of you as I read the articles, since you are just about the only person I know who went to the 2015 convention 🙂 Lucky you!!! Just looking at the photos gives me palpitations, so I only imagine how wonderful they were in person!!!

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