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Pamela’s Doll

A sweet little Izannah for Pamela, made from my mold of Anna.

I’ve just finished a very special reproduction Izannah Walker doll for Pamela. I was fortunate enough to get to  meet Pamela at the 2014 UFDC convention, where we had a great time chatting and planning all of the details for this doll.  She is  made from my mold of Anna, an adorable little antique Izannah Walker doll that belongs to my friend Mary.

Pamela’s doll in progress. I love her tiny smile 🙂
Pamela asked for blue painted boots to match the prussian blue in her doll’s dress.





Blue embroidery edges the hem of her petticoat…


Details… Cording piping and cartridge pleating at the waistline of her dress… individually hand stitched fingers and applied thumb…
The original antique Anna just happens to be visiting here at the moment and was happy to pose with her newest little sister ❤ (Pamela’s doll on the left and the antique Anna on the right).
Old & New ❤
Sharing secrets… the original Anna (right) and her newly made companion (left).


8 thoughts on “Pamela’s Doll

  1. Pamela’s doll is so adorable and charming. It looks as though Anna is enjoying her winter stay at your house. They look sweet together.

    1. Mary,
      When Anna met her newest little sister she couldn’t resist sitting down for a chat and joining in some of the photos! It was such fun to see them together. Anna is having a good time and all of my girls are thrilled that she has come to stay with us for a bit! The dolls are almost giddy because they have three house guests at the moment 🙂 It’s quite the Izannah party here!

  2. I love the slight head tilt of Pamela’s doll. She is going to be so pleased. With her little green dress she is all set for Saint Patrick’s Day.

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