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Shirley’s Doll

I’d like to introduce you all to Shirley’s doll.  She is a custom doll, made from my Isabeau mold and is slightly smaller than Isabeau, at 17 – 1/2 inches, as requested.


17- 12 inches tall, with just a bit of “wear & age”. Bare feet, ringlets, and an antique – unused, store stock – white second skin.


Shirley asked for plain, untrimmed undergarments, with tucks on the petticoat. All three pieces are made from antique sheeting that was previously parts 19th century women’s petticoats.
This dress is made from a wool challis striped fabric and matching border print. The dress has longer length gathered sleeves and a cartridge pleated skirt.
This second dress is made from a mid-19th century cotton in a paisley print. It also has the same longer length gathered sleeves, and has two “growth” tucks in the skirt.


This is a close-up of the wool challis dress that shows the cartridge pleating, and a worn spot in the fabric that is patched from underneath with a matching piece of challis. Even the most glorious fabric suffers a bit from the passing of time… but considering 165 or so years since this fabric was made it is in amazing condition. 🙂
Just enough light at the end of the day for a visit to see the doll’s new house. It is coming along really well!


6 thoughts on “Shirley’s Doll

  1. Hi Paula,
    Shirley’s doll is perfect as can be! She will be thrilled for her I’m sure! And a new house for the dolls? How exciting!!!!!! I can’t wait to see more pictures! Keep us posted, and I’m looking so forward to seeing it all complete! What lucky dolls! Love, Susie

    1. Thank you Susie! I hope she is 🙂 I will keep you up to date on the doll’s house. Wait till you see it – it is 9 feet tall!!! With a little luck I may be able to get the inside walls primed this weekend. My carpenter is working on the last of the floorboards today and tomorrow he is going to start on the two glass doors for the front. I’ll need to get the inside painted fast, so that he can attach the floors. We decided it would be too hard to paint once the flooring is in, because I would have to reach in from the outside, which is a little tricky when you are standing on a ladder and stretching in 32 inches! 🙂


  2. Hi Paula,
    Shirley’s doll is so pretty love both dresses and of course her little red shoes.
    Suzanne B.

  3. Hi Paula, such a beauty is Shirley’s doll. Her red shoes compliment the two dresses so nicely. Shirley will love her new/old doll.
    Will you still have your painting studio along with the dolls house?
    I’m sure your home is getting a bit over stuffed with all the dollies multiplying as they are. I can’t wait to see pictures. Hope your weather will hold out for you in CT. It’s sunny, and in the 80’s here in Florida.

    1. Hi Mary!
      Thank you!
      The doll’s house is in my painting studio. It will give my antique dolls a place to hang out when they are visiting the studio and be somewhere for the new dolls to stay while I am working on them 🙂

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