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Shirley’s Doll Part Two

Yesterday I had to hurry through my photo shoot with Shirley’s doll, due to the setting sun and fast approaching evening.  So today I took a few more photos. 🙂IMG_1396




Cloe REALLY wanted to give this doll a hug… possibly forever ❤

2 thoughts on “Shirley’s Doll Part Two

  1. Hi Paula, You know you have my vote! I love them all… I’m sure this Izannah doll’s mom is feeling really excited to see her new doll! I wish I could hug this one too – I feel Cloe’s pain….My she has grown – she is a darling! Why do they have to grow up so fast? We are celebrating our oldest granddaughter’s birthday on Saturday – she is turning 8 already! Charlotte

    1. Charlotte,
      Thank you ❤ Cloe is almost 14 months old now, walking, climbing and into everything! I hope your birthday girl enjoys her special day and that you have a great party. 🙂

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