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Playing Dolls with My Own Little “Alice”

My own little “Alice” and Lily playing in the doll’s new house.

giant Alice


“The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.”

― Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat

Today is a cool rainy day, much too wet to garden, with persistent downpours that make the walk out to my studios seem very uninviting. So I’ve decided that it would be an excellent morning to sit next to the fire and share photos of my own adventures in wonderland…  On Saturday baby Cloe came to stay with us while her parents went out and about.  It was the perfect time to play dress up with the Izannahs and explore a bit of their new house!

“Oh!” “I like this doll!”
“She has such a pretty dress.”
“Grandma made her little fingers, just like mine!”
“Look, she has boots!”
“Uh-Oh!” “The dollies fell down!”


Cloe visiting with Isabeau, Lily and my reproduction Lily in the parlor of the doll’s house.
“Can Lily #2 come out to play?”
“Lily you wait here while I get the table…”

Cloe and Lily #2 whiled away the afternoon playing in the kitchen of the doll house, with a brief intermission for Cloe to change her dress. ❤

“We need to move the chairs!”
c. 1830 doll cupboard in original salmon paint and an impatient baby who could not wait to have her dress fastened before she started playing again!



“Lily sit in this chair and wait for me. I’ll come back and play with you another day!”

The rain has stopped, the sun is out and my story has come to an end.  Please come back soon to see more photos of Lily #2.  She will be ready for sale this week, just as soon as I finish her petticoat and pantalettes.  If you just can’t wait for her sale post, you may contact me with questions about her by emailing or calling 860-355-5709 during business hours.

Other upcoming blog posts will feature an in-depth focus on my restorations of two antique Izannah Walker dolls (Lily pictured here and Emmaline), and a complete tour of the doll’s house.  I hope you can join us here at for both.

I’ll be posting more photos from Saturday’s photo shoot with Cloe on my A Sweet Remembrance facebook page.







7 thoughts on “Playing Dolls with My Own Little “Alice”

  1. Hi Paula,
    Love the pictures of your real baby doll and your new vintage Izannah Walker doll.

    Hope you are well.
    Suzanne Blakeslee

  2. Dear Paula, Hi there I haven’t visited for a while now, but I think of you and all the dolls frequently. Chloe is such a pretty child, I thought she would be.
    I do hope you are soon recovered from your illness. There have been cases of Lime’s disease in Australia although very rare. Take care of yourself . Love to you and all the little ladies. I love hearing about your forays into delicious antiques and other irresistible pleasures. Lucky you. cheers Janet Garrard

    1. Hi Janet,
      Thank you! Cloe is a delight. 🙂 I am feeling much better. Lyme disease is quite insidious,,,,,, but mine is thankfully gone (I hope)! It was really nice to hear from you. Hope all is well. Paula

  3. I meant to ask, Does Cloe have her own Izannah Walker doll ? Or does she content herself with the family already with you. She is like a doll herself isn’t she? Especially in her Izannah inspired dress. We are well and looking forward to Spring after a long wet winter. My husband has had heart surgery ( very successful) and he’s given up nicotine. My arthritis is beginning to co-operate with the medication and so I ‘m looking forward to a long hot summer. With lots of delicious sewing days, Cheers Janet Garrard

  4. Cloe does not have her own Izannah yet. The dolls aren’t child safe. Once she stops sticking everything in her mouth and chewing on it, I will make her one painted in acrylics rather than oils. The dresses she is wearing are all exact reproductions of antique children’s clothing 🙂 Hah! … and I am looking forward to the END of a long hot summer! Can not wait for cooler weather!!

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