Hannah is Traveling to Locust Grove for Early American Life Photo Shoot



Last week I got a call from Early American Life to tell me that I have been selected for inclusion in their 2016 Directory of Traditional American Craftsmen!  Such great news!!!  Even better, they asked if I could ship a doll to Locust Grove in Louisville, Kentucky for the directory photo shoot.  After I said “yes”, reality set in and panic ensued… Both dolls that I’d entered in the directory competition had been sold, so I needed to finish another doll from one of the same molds ASAP.  I was already working on this Hannah for Carole, who readily agreed that Hannah could make a side journey to Kentucky before traveling to her new home.  Thank you Carole!!! Earlier today I started Hannah off on her journey by escorting her to UPS.  When she returns here after her trip, I’ll do the fittings for her second dress, then send her off one last time.


I love the body on this doll! It just naturally falls into the same resting position that many antique Izannahs do.













~ by paulawalton on April 19, 2016.

2 Responses to “Hannah is Traveling to Locust Grove for Early American Life Photo Shoot”

  1. Hello Paula, Congratulations !!!!! Can’t wait to see that issue, the girls and I will enjoy it!!! Hannah is Beautiful, I love her dress with the little gold pin!!!
    Best Regards,

  2. Thank you Marilyn! Please give both of your girls a hug from me.

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