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Susie’s Emmaline

Susie's EmmalineMiss Emmaline B has a brand new home and has acquired a new wardrobe as well ❤ Now that she has patiently waited through all of her dress fittings, she is ready to begin her journey to her new family.

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2 thoughts on “Susie’s Emmaline

  1. Hello Paula, You have been busy! I hope Susie really loves Emmaline B and her splendid blue wardrobe. The blue apron and dress fabrics are perfect, love the choice of these fabrics. Any of the blue and poison green fabrics I have found the most difficult to find in big enough size for Izannah garments. Susie is one fortunate girl!

    1. Hi Jane, Yes I have been sewing non-stop. I did have a lot of fun with all of the blue and white fabrics. It’s fairly challenging sometimes to find enough blue, the fabric I used for the apron was too small for a dress but just enough for an apron. Greens are even harder for me to find than blues. I almost never run across green fabric… Happily Susie is very pleased with Emmaline and her wardrobe! I wanted her to be extra special because she is a birthday present ❤

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