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Humid & Sticky …

94% humidity today and my paint is not drying… so rather than stressing about it I am just going to go with the flow.  After all this is August in New England and you can just count on hot, sticky and humid a  lot of the time. 🙂 SO, this weeks 3rd Thursday is going to be a clothing event!!! ❤ Come by at noon (eastern time) on Thursday for a fashion show.  I’ll have some dresses and accessories available for immediate sale.

2 thoughts on “Humid & Sticky …

  1. Good Morning Paula
    Yay — I was hoping you would be offering clothing on one of your upcoming 3rd Thursdays! Though I (and Hannah Grace) would love to add another one of your amazing dolls to our family 🙂 Sincerely yours, Janet

    1. Janet,

      Good!!! I’m glad that you and Hannah Grace are looking forward to the fashion show. 🙂 I know that other people are going to be disappointed and so am I, that I don’t have dolls today, but I can’t change the weather… SO instead we are going to have a fun time with dresses and aprons!


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