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A Few First Glimpses of Upcoming Dolls…

Dear Diary,

At long last I am almost finished with the six little cloth dolls that I began in early December! It has been a very long winter, filled with many very cold days, when paint simply could not dry, and innumerable winter chores… Now that Spring has begun to appear I have been stitching away on a mountain of small garments and the dolls are getting anxious to head out into the world. Three of them will be heading to their long promised homes and the other three are looking forward to finding brand new homes of their very own too!

The next time I write dear diary I hope to be able to give you all the particulars of the doll’s wardrobes and their travel plans. Until then…

I remain your most faithful correspondent.

Sneak Peeks!

In the near future I will be posting three new dolls for sale! I don’t have an exact date yet, as I am still sewing the last of their clothing and doing all of the little finishing touches that are so very necessary. I have been sick for the past week and have finally resorted to setting up two sewing machines just a few feet from my bed so that I can alternate napping and sewing… which is actually more or less working. So slowly but surely these sweet dolls are coming to life. I’m just not entirely certain quite what day they will be finished, as it is hard to estimate how many naps I am going to require between now and then!

Three of the dolls I am making are among the last of the custom ordered dolls, so they are already sold. The three that I will be listing for sale are are two versions of Isabeau, one time worn and well loved ~ with the original paint surface of my antique Isabeau, the other a more pristine version of Isabeau which represents her as she was in her youth. I very rarely make the more perfect Isabeaus, so if you have been longing for one this may be your chance. The third doll I will be selling is something new! A tiny black version of Izzybelle, which is something that I haven’t ever made before.

I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks!

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