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Jane’s Doll Is Ready To Travel To Her New Home

Jane's Doll
Meet my version of Emmaline. This is my first reproduction from my mold of Emmaline.

I’ve just finished this sweet custom made doll especially for Jane.  She is the very first reproduction I’ve made of Emmaline, an amazing Izannah Walker doll that I restored last year.  Emmaline’s owner has very generously allowed me to reproduce her and share her with other Izannahphiles ❤ ❤ ❤ Which has earned her my everlasting thanks!

So without further ado I’d like to introduce you to my version of Emmaline.

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To read about Emmaline, the original antique Izannah Walker doll click here.

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Creating a Doll for Jane; An Extraordinary Adventure in Doll Making

This post is especially for Jane.  Filled with many photographs to help her make the final wardrobe selections for her doll ❤

Jane's Doll
Jane’s doll, a work in progress..

Body covering fabric selections in the desired color range… (click on any photo to enlarge)

Jane's Doll
Shoe leathers.

Hmmmmmm… Ribbon trim, plain, or tucks?

Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Ismay and Isabeau, Two Dolls for Connie


Two sweet sisters all ready to to begin life in their new home.  Very special custom order dolls for Connie made from my Ismay and Isabeau molds.

Connie’s Isabeau and Ismay have matching chemises, pantalettes, a petticoats, all made from antique white cotton fabrics, lace and buttons.

Isabeau is showing off her extra petticoat, made from hemstitched antique linen.

Because sisters love to raid each others closets, I made sure that their dresses will fit both dolls ❤
Trading dresses!

I love both of the dress fabrics that Connie chose.  Both dresses have extra fabric, for fuller skirts, a deep hem on the paisley dress and two growth tucks on the double pink dress. ❤


Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Anita’s Custom Order Ismay

A sweet little Ismay, almost ready to head to her brand new home ❤

Making this Ismay has been a great treat for me, as I am not often asked to make black reproductions of Izannah’s dolls.  This is the very first time that I have made a black version of Ismay and I am completely smitten with her such a lovely doll in person and so very difficult to take photos of!!!  Poor dear, my photography skills do not do her justice…

Formerly part of the Richard Wright collection, this amazing black Izannah Walker doll is the only surviving extant example that I am aware of.
Scarcer than hen’s teeth, this charming doll is one of the few Izannah Walker dolls with a wig. In a newspaper article many, many years ago, Norma H. Robertson, Izannah Walker’s grand-niece, stated that her great aunt made “darkie”, or as we would now refer to them, black dolls. So there must have been more than just this one. 🙂

I made Ismay’s second skin body covering from and antique petticoat that I’ve had for at least twenty years.  I finally found the perfect use for it! ❤

This next dress that Ismay is modeling is not part of her wardrobe.  She borrowed it from  Cloe so that she could show her new Momma what she looks like in a different style of dress.  Anita and I have been discussing a rather extensive wardrobe for Ismay, made from fabrics that Anita has been collecting. ❤

Ismay wearing her borrowed dress ❤

Ismay will be ready to travel just as soon as she decides what color shoes she wants.  February is much too cold for bare feet! She’ll have to wait until summer for that.

Cloe’s dresses… the brown size doll dress is the one Ismay borrowed 🙂



Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

A Custom Made Doll for Paula M.


All ready to head to her new home in time for Christmas!  This is a special order custom doll for Paula M.  She is a reproduction of my Isabeau with an almost perfect paint surface, bare feet, and a dress made from fabric in her new mom’s stash of reproduction Civil War era cotton prints.

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Thank you for stopping by!!!

Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Suzanne’s Izzybelle

img_8821This little Izzybelle is a special order doll for Suzanne.  Izzybelle has packed her clothes and is all ready to travel to her new home. ❤ She can hardly wait!

You may click on any photograph to enlarge it and read the caption.

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A Very Special Doll for Sharon


Meet Sharon’s doll!  She is an 18-1/2 inch reproduction of my antique Izannah Walker doll, Isabeau, with a gently aged paint surface.  Sharon requested an extensive custom wardrobe for her doll.

For her doll’s first dress, Sharon chose a long sleeved, high neck dress that is a copy of one of the antique doll dresses in my personal collection.  Sharon’s fabric choice is a antique off white and black print cotton.

For  chores and gardening she has an embroidered pinafore apron with a pocket, to carry around her clothes pins and flower seeds. ❤

For hot summer days, Sharon selected a short sleeved white dress made of antique cotton fabric, trimmed with tucks and lace insertion and a black and white sunbonnet.

Sharon’s doll has bare feet, stockings fashioned from antique stockings, and hand-made red leather shoes, with tiny scallops and red silk laces.

When autumn winds bring crisp, cool nights this young miss will stay warm, wrapped up in an embroidered wool paletot.


At the end of a long busy day sweet dreams await in this reproduction of an antique doll’s nightgown, sewn from antique white cotton and trimmed with mid- 19th century glass buttons and lace.

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