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Shirley’s Doll

I’d like to introduce you all to Shirley’s doll.  She is a custom doll, made from my Isabeau mold and is slightly smaller than Isabeau, at 17 – 1/2 inches, as requested.


17- 12 inches tall, with just a bit of “wear & age”. Bare feet, ringlets, and an antique – unused, store stock – white second skin.


Shirley asked for plain, untrimmed undergarments, with tucks on the petticoat. All three pieces are made from antique sheeting that was previously parts 19th century women’s petticoats.
This dress is made from a wool challis striped fabric and matching border print. The dress has longer length gathered sleeves and a cartridge pleated skirt.
This second dress is made from a mid-19th century cotton in a paisley print. It also has the same longer length gathered sleeves, and has two “growth” tucks in the skirt.


This is a close-up of the wool challis dress that shows the cartridge pleating, and a worn spot in the fabric that is patched from underneath with a matching piece of challis. Even the most glorious fabric suffers a bit from the passing of time… but considering 165 or so years since this fabric was made it is in amazing condition. 🙂
Just enough light at the end of the day for a visit to see the doll’s new house. It is coming along really well!


Antique Izannah Walker Dolls · Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Pamela’s Doll

A sweet little Izannah for Pamela, made from my mold of Anna.

I’ve just finished a very special reproduction Izannah Walker doll for Pamela. I was fortunate enough to get to  meet Pamela at the 2014 UFDC convention, where we had a great time chatting and planning all of the details for this doll.  She is  made from my mold of Anna, an adorable little antique Izannah Walker doll that belongs to my friend Mary.

Pamela’s doll in progress. I love her tiny smile 🙂
Pamela asked for blue painted boots to match the prussian blue in her doll’s dress.





Blue embroidery edges the hem of her petticoat…


Details… Cording piping and cartridge pleating at the waistline of her dress… individually hand stitched fingers and applied thumb…
The original antique Anna just happens to be visiting here at the moment and was happy to pose with her newest little sister ❤ (Pamela’s doll on the left and the antique Anna on the right).
Old & New ❤
Sharing secrets… the original Anna (right) and her newly made companion (left).


Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

A Special Doll for Susan


I’ve just finished working on this reproduction of Isabeau for Susan. She is an 18-1/2  inch tall reproduction Izannah Walker doll. For Susan’s  doll I reproduced the cracked and peeling paint surfaces on the original Isabeau that I made  her mold from. The paint and layers of paste on her nose have been worn away, down to the underlying stockinette, just like on the original.
IMG_0021This doll has an antique pink linen second skin, like many of Izannah Walker’s earliest dolls did. Her dress is made from a wonderful thin white cotton, which has aged to a pale ecru. It has a skirt with four narrow tucks and a gathered ruffle of broderie anglaise, gathered sleeves banded with additional eyelet trim, an antique cotton tape drawstring at the neck of the dress, which is embellished with eyelet and tatting, and a wide waistband with eyelet and embroidered cotton ribbon. Her chemise is made from antique lace trimmed cotton and her pantalettes were originally part of a pair of women’s 19th century panteletts. She has two petticoats made from antique cotton and broderie anglaise. Her stockings were made from bits of antique cotton stockings and her shoes are handmade red leather.





Arms over your head! Just one last clothing change. 🙂



The original c.1860’s Isabeau one the right and my newly made c.2016 reproduction Isabeau on the left.




This little Isabeau  is so looking forward to beginning her travels, as she is longing to make the acquaintance of her new family ❤

Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll · Restoration and Conservation

Susie’s Lily Too!

IMG_9498It is my very great pleasure to introduce you to “Lily Two”. She is a special commission doll, that is the very first doll made from a mold of the original Lily.  This little reproduction Lily is going to be living with her older sister, the real Lily, and will no doubt acquire a new name of her very own when she goes home. 🙂

Lily 2 has a second skin made from an amazing piece of dark red glazed cotton. The red fabric once graced the back of an intricate silk crazy quilt. The front side of the quilt has deteriorated over time, and most of the silk has shattered and crumbled. The never washed backing is as bright, crisp and vibrant as when it was new, Because the dark red fabric was originally sewn with a brighter red thread I have chosen to recreate that pairing in Lily’s 2nd skin.



The fabric for Lily’s undergarments all came from a pair of antique split pantalettes. The antique Lily is going to have waved braid (rick rack) trimmed unmentionables, and so will have a strong zig zag theme. Lily Two’s white underpinnings all have a circular theme, on both the embroidered petticoat ruffle and the tatted chemise and pantalette trim. I liked echoing the geometric design, with the substitution of circles for triangular points. 🙂



Lily’s dress is made from a fabulous piece antique wool challis. Lily is a small 17 inch tall doll, and this challis has a fairly large size print. This is something you will find in many extant dresses belonging to antique Izannah Walker dolls. I absolutely adore larger scale prints on Izzys ❤ The look is so perfectly evocative of the clothing worn by many antique Izannah Walker dolls. People often feel that they need a small scale print for doll clothing and fail to take into account the reality of the way antique dolls were actually dressed.
I cut the waistband and neck band of Lily’s dress from a matching border print challis. Notice that the green flower is centered in the middle of her waistband. I cartridge pleated the skirt of the dress onto the bodice using a brown thread. My thread color choices stay true the the original stitching on this piece of fabric, which was also the back of a silk crazy quilt. The seams of the backing were sewn with off white thread, but all of the quilting stitches (which I had to remove one by one) were sewn with a medium brown thread. I have a vast collection of antique and vintage thread that I use to make all of my dolls and their clothing.



Lily and Lily Two. Now that I have had a chance to do a “practice run” on Lily Two I can move forward with Lily’s restoration. I am in the midst of removing a very ill considered layer of fabric that someone decided to glue on to her shoulders at some point in her life…
The Lilys! Sisters, best friends and bosom companions through thick and thin ❤ You can see how the red in Lily 2’s second skin and dress print compliments the red in Lily’s antique dress.



Thank you so  much for dropping by to meet Lily.  We enjoyed having you come visit!  Please come back to see us soon ❤

❤ ❤ ❤ I have been searching for months for thin antique black velvet ribbon to use on the original Lily’s dress.  If anyone should happen to have any that they are selling or know where some can be found, will you please send me a note at ?  Thank you!!!



Custom Made Dolls · Izannah Walker Reproduction Doll

Choosing The Wardrobe for Sharon’s Doll

I thought you might like a glimpse at the details that go into my custom made dolls…

Now that Billie’s doll is dressed and ready to go, it is time for Sharon’s doll to decide what pieces she wants in her wardrobe. She is very excited about choosing her clothing! After all what girl doesn’t love to shop ❤

When we last left off, Sharon's doll was gaily joining in all of the party games!
When we last left off, Sharon’s doll was gaily joining in all of the party games!

A few details of her trousseau have already been decided:


red shoes

Underwear: Like Anna #3

Anna #3

Dress #1: A long sleeve dress in this style in fabric #14

blue dresses

sunbonnet: This style in the black background print fabric.

Isa #1

Apron: Like the one Isane is wearing in this photo… possibly in the red, black and white fabric…

laundry day

www.izannahwalker.comAnd now it is time to pick out a few more things!

Winter Cape or Coat:  What about the winter white wool with the embroidered scallops above???

Cape Ideas:

print izannah cape

izannah cape

civil war child capeCoat Ideas:

izannah coatblack Izannah coat

girl with doll and trunk

1860 child coat

white Izannah coat

sister izannah coat

A Frilly White Party Dress:

In this style???

Isane www.izannahwalker.comand maybe one of these fabrics???

white fabrics

Made from all white fabric perhaps with tucks and lace???

I hope that you have all enjoyed dress shopping along with Sharon’s doll.  Please come back to visit so that you can see her modelling all of her new frocks and accessories.