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Halloween Party – Part 2

Everyone is here!  It’s time to get the party started…

Making Costumes

Isabeau has decided that she should help all of the dolls and party guests make costumes.  She got out our collection of Dennison Boogie Books for ideas, along with the crepe paper, Dresden trims and lithographed scrapes…

That was fun! It’s time to put the craft supplies away.  We have so much more to do…

Halloween Greetings

The dolls all want to wish you a very Happy Halloween!

Ladies in White… are they ghostly visitors, tip-toeing among the tombstones? Or are they Count Dracula’s brides??? Eliza Jane, Memory and Ismay are having trouble deciding between themselves… but either way they want to wish you a hauntingly beautiful Halloween!

Zanna is usually the mildest most even tempered of dolls, but her devilish side is peeking out tonight as she sends warm Halloween Greetings your way!


Hanna wishes you all over flowing goodie bags and treats galore!


“BOO!” from Izzybelle to you!


Isabeau wishes you spooky, spine tickling chills and thrills this Halloween!

Haunted Halloween Fashions

I have a tiny stash of hoarded antique orange “cheddar” and black mourning fabrics just perfect for celebrating Halloween, but not so “costumey” that they can’t be worn year around.  I’ve fashioned some of my favorites into dresses to fit my 18 inch dolls.  I have four dresses available for sale, just in time for Halloween!

*Halloween Party – part 1

**Halloween Party – part 3




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