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The 3rd Thursday in August!

Hello, welcome to my second “3rd Thursday”!!! As you are probably aware, I ran into some trouble getting the paint to dry on the dolls I had been  making for today. 😦  Once I figured that out earlier this week I decided that there was no point in fighting Mother Nature. After all I came up with the idea of 3rd Thursdays to make buying and selling my dolls fun and a bit spontaneous! When I had a new plan I began sewing in earnest so that I could present you with a nice selection of doll clothing today instead. ❤ So for all of you who have been asking about additional clothing for your dolls – here are today’s offerings!

There are three dresses and three aprons available for sale. Terms are like always. Email if you are interested in buying! Payment by paypal, credit card, check, or lay-away. Sold on a first come basis. Free shipping within the United States, exact shipping costs to other countries. I’m getting ready to go to a Master Class in Fitting 18th Century Gowns at Eastfield tomorrow through Sunday, and I’m babysitting on Monday – so orders placed today won’t ship until Tuesday. 🙂

Freshly laundered and ready to go. Smelling of sunshine, flowers and honey…




1and 1. I have two blue dresses, both with extra fabric in their skirts, tucked sleeves and hems, drawstring necks and waists, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch dolls. $225.00 One is SOLD and One still remaining.

3. Black print dress. drawstring neck and waist, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch doll. $200.00



A. Izzybelle size short pinafore play day apron with button back. $50.00 SOLD

B. Blue apron for 18 -19 inch dolls. $125.00

C. Blue feather stitched apron for 18 – 19 inch dolls $150.00 SOLD

3 thoughts on “The 3rd Thursday in August!

  1. Hi Paula, What adorable dresses and aprons! It’s so much fun to see your new offerings. I hope you had an amazing time at your Master Fittings class! And, I’m anxiously checking my mailbox each day in anticipation of the September issue of Antique Dolls magazine! Love, Susie

  2. Thanks Susie! As you can see, I was still in a blue mood when I made these.
    Emmaline’s clothing was so much fun, I just kept sewing blue dresses and aprons! ❤ Paula

  3. Hi Paula, my copy of Antique Doll Collector magazine arrived, and I’m just blown away! My favorite issue ever! The cover is gorgeous, and your article is just amazing! I’m just soaking it all in! I love all of the pictures, including the photos of the tintypes and daguerreotypes. Thank you for all of your hard work and the time that you put into this article. Not only have I enjoyed the pictures, but I’ve learned so much as well. Congratulations on having such a wonderful article published! I look forward to many more to come! I also enjoyed Joy Harrington’s apron article, and the pictures of the two dolls wearing their sweet little aprons.
    Your entire article, the pictures and text, from start to finish, is just perfection!
    Thank you! Love, Susie

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