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Oh Dear! Oh Dear! I’m Late, I’m Late, I’m Late!; Or Why There Isn’t Going to be a Third Thursday Sale in January…

white rabbit
“The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.”

Good heavens! Only 13 days into the new year and already I’m behind!!! With the third Thursday of the month fast approaching on the 18th, I’ve made an executive decision to dispense with my normal “Third Thursday” release of new dolls and/or clothing in January. The glorious thing about being the CEO, and the entire workforce, of my own little domain is that all arguments for or against policy changes are strictly in my own head… so much quieter that way. 🙂

Actually I am incredibly blessed! I just finished writing another article for Antique Doll Collector magazine on New Year’s Day. At the moment I am currently working on the wardrobes for two dolls that are very anxious to begin their travels to their new homes, plus I have a stack of orders for paper cuttings, patterns, doll kits with custom painted heads, spun cotton ornaments, and more… ❤ What artisan wouldn’t be thrilled to have people buying their wares? ❤

So no “Third Thursday” this month… but who knows… perhaps there will be a special “Pop-Up” Valentine event… ❤

alice white rabbit
goodbye January Third Thursday…. hello Valentine Pop-Up event???




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Second Set of Special Edition Izannah Walker 200th Birthday Dolls

Special Edition 200th Birthday Dolls
These are my 2nd release of 200th Birthday dolls. Both Ismay (left) and Anna (right) are being offered undressed for all of you seamstresses who would like the pleasure of creating their wardrobes ❤

Welcome to Saturday night in my studio! This is the final installment in my Izannah Walker 200th Birthday celebration.  Tonight I’m offering two undressed dolls, an 18.5 inch tall black Ismay and a 16 inch tall Anna (yes I DID say 17 inches in the video, because they are usually 17 inches, but she looked a bit petite, so I measured and she is 16 inches tall).  For this milestone birthday observance, the dolls I introduced on Monday featured antique clothing. Since tonight’s dolls do not have any clothing, my birthday treat on these dolls is a $200.00 discount if they are purchase this weekend. This special birthday pricing expires at midnight (Eastern Time) tomorrow night, October 1st.

Dolls are sold on a first come basis. Dolls will be sold to the first person sending an email request to purchase each doll to . If for any reason the sale falls through, then the next person in line will be contacted. Payment by Paypal, credit card, personal check or lay-away.

Do you remember the instructions that I posted on Monday for making a classic mid-19th century dress for your Izannah Walker doll? I posted them, in part, because I knew that I would be offering these two dolls especially for all of the dress makers among you. ❤ Creating wardrobes for these dolls is such fun! Searching for just the right fabric, buttons and trims can become rather addictive.  Both dolls will come with a copy of my Izannah Walker Doll Clothes Pattern.

This is also an excellent way to budget your doll expenses. You can bring one of these dolls home right now to enjoy, then slowly add a wardrobe for her. If you don’t wish to create a wardrobe for your doll, you can have fun shopping for her at my “Third Thursdays”, where I have both dolls and doll clothing for sale. ❤

IsmayIsmayIsmay – $1000.00 – Special Birthday Pricing! $800.00 – You have one custom option on this doll, I can paint a stripe of any color you request at the top edge of her boots.

7 curls

Anna – $1050 – Special Birthday Pricing! $850.00 – Your custom option on this doll is her hairline. I was going to just paint feathery wisps around her face, but I decided to wait and give anyone buying her this weekend the chance to choose between wisps around her face or curls in front of her ears. If you decide on curls you may also choose a wavy, straight or winged hairline.  At the moment she only has one coat of paint on her hair. Once the 2nd coat is added her hair will be darker and will not be transparent.

Thank you for coming to visit! Ismay and Anna are very pleased to have made your acquaintance. ❤




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Special Edition Izannah Walker 200th Birthday Dolls – SOLD

In honor of Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday I have made an armful of very special reproduction dolls. Four of the dolls debuted yesterday during my birthday festivities.  Two of the four have found new homes ❤  Dolls #2 & #4 are still available and are listed for sale on my website. Please click here if you wish to purchase.

On Saturday evening September 30th at 8:00 p.m. eastern time I will be posting the last of my special edition 200th birthday dolls. I hope you will be able to come back and join me here as the dolls and I bid a fond farewell to this milestone week!

All of my special edition 18 inch and under dolls have russet autumn hued antique glazed cotton second skins. The 22.5 inch dolls have antique natural linen second skins.

Doll #2 SOLD

Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #2 SOLD
Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #2 SOLD
Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #2 SOLD

SOLD “Early Izannah” – A 22.5 inch tall reproduction of a pre-1855 Izannah Walker doll. This amazing doll has a natural antique linen “second skin”, bare feet, three ringlet curls in front of each ear and nine at the nape of her neck. She is dressed in antique pantelettes, an antique wool petticoat, an antique cotton petticoat, a chemise, and an antique child’s dress that I altered to fit. Her paint surface and modeling are true to the original doll from which her mold was made. She also comes with white silk stockings and handmade leather shoes. You may choose your shoe color. I will email you after purchase to discuss your color options. She is Doll # 2 made especially in honor of Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday.


Doll #4 SOLD

Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #4 SOLD
Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #4 SOLD
Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #4 SOLD
Special Edition 200th Birthday Doll #4 SOLD

“Hannah” SOLD– An 18 inch tall reproduction of a pre-1860 Izannah Walker doll. A very sweet doll made from the mold of my original antique Izannah Walker doll, Hannah. She has a lovely russet colored antique glazed cotton “second skin”, two ringlets in front of each ear and nine across the nape of her neck. She is dressed in a chemise, pantelettes, antique wool petticoat, and dress made of an antique cotton print. She also comes with white silk stockings and handmade leather shoes. . You may choose your shoe color. I will email you after purchase to discuss your color options. She is Doll # 4 made especially in honor of Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday.


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Only 3 More Days Until Izannah Walker’s 200th Birthday & My Annual Online Celebration!

Sneek Peeks of Izannah's Birthday Party
Someone just can’t wait until Monday… she’s peeking in the window to see what all the little dolls are planning for the party! Come back to visit on 9/25 and you can see just what they’ve been up to, as the dolls and I celebrate Izannah Walker’s 200th birthday!

I’ll be posting all day long on Monday, September 25th, as my dolls and I enjoy the party that the dolls have been working on The first of the new dolls that I am making especially to celebrate Izannah’s legacy will be making their debut appearance at 12:00 noon, eastern time on 9/25/17, with more to follow… The first party post will be at 1:00 a.m. Monday morning!

I think I can...
“If only I were just a little taller, I could climb into the parlor and hear what party surprises the dolls are whispering to each other!”
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The 3rd Thursday in August!

Hello, welcome to my second “3rd Thursday”!!! As you are probably aware, I ran into some trouble getting the paint to dry on the dolls I had been  making for today. 😦  Once I figured that out earlier this week I decided that there was no point in fighting Mother Nature. After all I came up with the idea of 3rd Thursdays to make buying and selling my dolls fun and a bit spontaneous! When I had a new plan I began sewing in earnest so that I could present you with a nice selection of doll clothing today instead. ❤ So for all of you who have been asking about additional clothing for your dolls – here are today’s offerings!

There are three dresses and three aprons available for sale. Terms are like always. Email if you are interested in buying! Payment by paypal, credit card, check, or lay-away. Sold on a first come basis. Free shipping within the United States, exact shipping costs to other countries. I’m getting ready to go to a Master Class in Fitting 18th Century Gowns at Eastfield tomorrow through Sunday, and I’m babysitting on Monday – so orders placed today won’t ship until Tuesday. 🙂

Freshly laundered and ready to go. Smelling of sunshine, flowers and honey…




1and 1. I have two blue dresses, both with extra fabric in their skirts, tucked sleeves and hems, drawstring necks and waists, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch dolls. $225.00 One is SOLD and One still remaining.

3. Black print dress. drawstring neck and waist, to fit approx. 18 – 19 inch doll. $200.00



A. Izzybelle size short pinafore play day apron with button back. $50.00 SOLD

B. Blue apron for 18 -19 inch dolls. $125.00

C. Blue feather stitched apron for 18 – 19 inch dolls $150.00 SOLD

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Humid & Sticky …

94% humidity today and my paint is not drying… so rather than stressing about it I am just going to go with the flow.  After all this is August in New England and you can just count on hot, sticky and humid a  lot of the time. 🙂 SO, this weeks 3rd Thursday is going to be a clothing event!!! ❤ Come by at noon (eastern time) on Thursday for a fashion show.  I’ll have some dresses and accessories available for immediate sale.

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Third Thursdays Start This Month ~ Mark Your Calendar! Then Come Back On Thursday To See This Month’s New Dolls For Sale

New Dolls For Sale on the Third Thursday of the Month
Third Thursdays start this coming Thursday, July 20th! I be posting a new doll or two for sale on the third Thursday of almost every month.

I’m starting something new! On the “third Thursday” of each month, with only a couple of exceptions, I’ll be posting a new doll, or two, or three for sale! Some months there will also be clothing and accessories too. ❤

Third Thursdays should be fun! The dolls will be posted at 12 noon Eastern Time here on and sold on a first come basis.  If you wish to purchase a doll or other item, simply email me at  If more than one person emails about a doll, the email with the earliest time will take precedence.  Once a doll has found it’s new home, I will immediately mark it SOLD. If a doll or accessory doesn’t sell on “Third Thursday” then it will be posted on my regular website, where you’ll be able to buy it and use the automated secure checkout.

So mark your calendar and come back to visit on Thursday. If you have signed up for my “new dolls” mailing list you will receive an email reminder. 🙂

Third Thursday August 17, 2017
The 2nd Third Thursday will be on August 17th.
No Third Thursday in September
No Third Thursday in September. It’s going to be an exception month. Instead of new dolls being posted for sale on 9/21, they will be for sale on September 25th as part of my annual Izannah Walker Birthday celebration!


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Halloween Party Part 3

I wasn’t really planning on splitting the Halloween Party into 3 posts, but WordPress is being a little bit cranky and overexcited tonight…  So here is the third installment of our party!!!

Halloween Dresses

These dresses will all fit most of my 18 inch reproduction Izannah Walker dolls.  If you are interested in buying any of the dresses, especially dress #3, you should measure the waist and top of the shoulder measurement of your doll.

SOLD Dress #1 – Sort straight sleeves, made from an antique black floral mourning print cotton.  Drawstring closures at the neckline and waist. $200.00 includes free priority mail shipping to any US address.


Dress #2 Is the same as dress #1, except it has short gathered and frilled sleeves.  $200.00 plus free priority mail shipping within the US.


SOLD Dress #3 is more fitted than the other 3 dresses.  Made of orange “cheddar” print antique fabric with black vining “branches” and red “berries”, trimmed with black velvet ribbon. This dress will close with three orange painted milk glass buttons and button holes.  I have not made the button holes or sewn on the buttons yet, so that I can slightly adjust the fit of the dress if necessary. $250.00 with free US priority shipping.



SOLD Dress #4 is probably my favorite!  It is a true “make-do” dress, pieced together from two different antique “cheddar” orange fabrics with a false hem of a third coordinating antique fabric.  One drawstring around the neckline and three drawstrings at the waistband, gives this dress an adjustable fit.  You will find this method used in late 18th and early 19th century infant and young children’s clothing.  It’s immensely practical!  $240.00 with free priority US shipping.


Treat Bags and Box

I have one set of four cotton mesh treat bags in a decorative Halloween box. $28.50 with free Priority Mail shipping within the US.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the dresses or the set of treat bags, email me at  Paypal, or credit cards  and orders by Monday to ensure delivery before Halloween.  Checks and money orders if you don’t mind waiting for delivery…


Don’t be frightened, that isn’t a zombie graveyard full of body parts…  it is just “work in progress” dolls ❤



The dolls have worked up quite an appetite showing you around my painting studio, crafting crepe paper costumes, sending Halloween greetings and modeling the latest in Halloween fashions!  Now it is time for refreshments. 🙂  Hot, buttery popcorn, sweet crunchy caramel corn, tart, crisp apples and hot spiced cider!!! Yum….

And now it’s time to say good night!  We are so happy you could come celebrate Halloween with us 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the doll’s Halloween Party!!! I love Halloween and all of the seasonal delights of autumn. Can you tell? Gathered in antique wire egg baskets are some of the pumpkins from my garden and Osage Oranges from my Bodark trees.

* To enlarge any of the smaller photos, simply click on them, which will also show captions.

** I’m sorry for the slow posting tonight and for breaking the party into 3 parts.  WordPress was being very difficult, so it was a bit challenging to get the Halloween party online.

Halloween Party part 1

Halloween Part part 2


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Halloween Party – Part 2

Everyone is here!  It’s time to get the party started…

Making Costumes

Isabeau has decided that she should help all of the dolls and party guests make costumes.  She got out our collection of Dennison Boogie Books for ideas, along with the crepe paper, Dresden trims and lithographed scrapes…

That was fun! It’s time to put the craft supplies away.  We have so much more to do…

Halloween Greetings

The dolls all want to wish you a very Happy Halloween!

Ladies in White… are they ghostly visitors, tip-toeing among the tombstones? Or are they Count Dracula’s brides??? Eliza Jane, Memory and Ismay are having trouble deciding between themselves… but either way they want to wish you a hauntingly beautiful Halloween!

Zanna is usually the mildest most even tempered of dolls, but her devilish side is peeking out tonight as she sends warm Halloween Greetings your way!


Hanna wishes you all over flowing goodie bags and treats galore!


“BOO!” from Izzybelle to you!


Isabeau wishes you spooky, spine tickling chills and thrills this Halloween!

Haunted Halloween Fashions

I have a tiny stash of hoarded antique orange “cheddar” and black mourning fabrics just perfect for celebrating Halloween, but not so “costumey” that they can’t be worn year around.  I’ve fashioned some of my favorites into dresses to fit my 18 inch dolls.  I have four dresses available for sale, just in time for Halloween!

*Halloween Party – part 1

**Halloween Party – part 3




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SOLD – One New Doll Available and Looking For a Loving Home

There are many, many things I love about this doll, but one of them is her paint surface! Highly detailed so that you can see the actual weave of the stockinette, with just a judicious bit of craquelure, and discretely aged and worn…

SOLD – THANK YOU FOR LOOKING! Good evening!  The EAFAT Marketplace is closed for today, but if anyone would like to ask questions about my newest doll, made from my Isane mold, I am available this evening. 🙂  If you are curious about any of her details, or would like to buy her, please email

18 inch, historically accurate, reproduction Izannah Walker doll. All cloth, with pressed cloth head made in a handmade mold of one of the antique Izannah Walker dolls in my own personal collection. Painted with artist oils in the manner of the original dolls. Dressed in a chemise, split pantalettes, broderie anglaise petticoat, dress with banded drawstring neckline, tucked skirt and sleeves and broderie anglaise trim along the hemline, stockings, and leather shoes. All clothing fabrics, laces, buttons and drawstrings are antique, made from garments and quilts that could no longer be restored. For additional information about my dolls please visit my website…/Izannah-Walker-Reproduction-…  SOLD $1400.00 with free insured shipping to any U.S. address. Payment by Paypal, Credit Card, Personal Check or Money Order. If you are interested in purchasing this doll please message me through facebook or email Thank you so much for looking!!!  These photos and close-ups are also on my facebook page

Click on any of the photos below to enlarge it.